I am high above the sea, the wind carries salt in the air that surrounds me. It’s hard to think amidst all the squawking, I sneak away for a moment to myself.

The blue beneath me and the blue above, an endless horizon for me to chase. I soar higher and higher for some solitude, caught in a current, drifting into the nimbus aloof to my destination.

The cool of the magenta envelopes my body, for a moment everything feels still. Silence abound, melting into the elements, not aware of where I begin, and where I end. …

Photo by prottoy hassan on Unsplash

I find the explanation of ideas through an analogy to be more relatable, and so for the rest of this conversation, I will be using them every so often to invite you to sit with me and my thoughts and process it all together.

There are a few ingredients which form a major chunk of what is popularly considered design, ingredients of the design process. Those ingredients being:

  1. Empathising
  2. Defining
  3. Ideating
  4. Prototyping
  5. Testing

It is one of those spaces which starts from a common base and then everyone adds in their flavour to the pot which ends up making each…

Anshul Jain

I like ice cream.

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